How Oil Makes a Better Sandwich Bread

Adding oil to a bread formula helps you achieve the balance of characteristics you want in a good sandwich bread. The chewy texture that distinguishes artisan bread can sometimes fight with other sandwich ingredients. A small amount of oil (typically 1 to 2 percent of the formula) lubricates the developing gluten, softening the texture of the finished loaf just enough so that it has a desirable mouthfeel when combined with meats, cheeses or other fillings. Oil also contributes to slicing quality, for a bread that won't tear or fall apart too easily.

Cargill offers three types of oils for use in bread baking (available in limited geographic areas). Canola Oil is high in mono-unsaturated fatty acids, a benefit you can use to promote your breads to health-conscious customers. Corn Oil imparts a distinctive corn flavor which many consumers prefer over other types of oil. Soybean Oil offers good overall baking usability. To find out more about Cargill oils and other baking ingredients for scratch bakers, check our website at Oils & Shortenings.