Premium Baker's Salt

Progressive Baker® premium baker's salt is our most popular standard granulated salt product for the baking industry. Versatile, functional and Kosher certified, it's the one all-purpose salt you can trust to deliver:

  • Consistent flavor
  • Superior cake resistance
  • Precise, consistent screen size for uniform mixing


A screened, granular, white crystalline solid, manufactured by vacuum evaporation of raw untreated brine.


Offers food-grade quality, complying fully with the Sodium Chloride standards in the Food Chemicals Codex. It is approved for direct use in meat and poultry products by the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service, and certified as kosher for Passover.


Contains water soluble Yellow Prussiate of Soda – an incidental additive that improves caking resistance in accord with 21CFR 172.490, and is exempt from labeling on foods containing this salt product (21CFR 101.100(a)(3)).


Intended for a variety of end-use applications, especially dry salt dispensing and brining. Food uses include baking, cheese manufacturing and meat processing.


Packaged in 50lb. and 80lb. multiwall kraft shipping containers with polyethylene film liners for added moisture protection. Also available in bulk.

Methods of Analysis

Taken from the American Society for Testing Materials designation E 53475. Copies are available upon request.