Leveraging the resources of Cargill

The Progressive Baker® brand puts multiple Cargill entities to work for you, all from a company that has built an outstanding reputation as a reliable supplier to bakers and food customers all over the world.

  • The Progressive Baker® brand is owned by Cargill.
  • Progressive Baker® flours are manufactured and sold by Horizon Milling, LLC, a Cargill Joint Venture with CHS, Inc.
  • Cocoa, chocolate and salt products are all manufactured by Cargill.

You can leverage Cargill's advanced capabilities and global resources to differentiate your business, move ahead of competitors and find new efficiencies. With a proven, trusted partner like Cargill in your corner, the possibilities for your scratch baking business are endless.

Find more information about Cargill and Horizon Milling on their websites.